Photography, travel and anything vintage influence my style and designs. I have learned to express myself through music and fashion, two constantly changing industries that inspire me to be creative in my own personal way. This ability to express my personality through style is something I am extremely passionate about. As I’ve grown older, both my music and fashion taste have evolved along with me. These creative avenues have always been a unique outlet for me—my own form of therapy.


SK FILES is the culmination of all these interests—a creative Instagram account for my film photography, graphic content and playlists for every mood. Each series incorporates my own personal experiences; whether it’s traveling around the world or just being out and about in the city that never sleeps, I love to capture every moment. I find inspiration in the places and people I surround myself with every day. Motivated by people in their raw, natural state, SK FILES focuses on that exact individuality. When it comes to music, there is nothing I love more than finding new releases and sharing them with the world. Each series links to my own curated Spotify playlists associated with the mood and theme of the photos. By combining these creative channels, I am able to portray my personality, vibe and creativity in hopes to influence others to be their true authentic selves.